AFRICAN REDEMPTION: The Life and Legacy of Marcus Garvey

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Born in St. Ann’s Bay, Jamaica on August 17, 1887, in his short life Marcus Mosiah Garvey would go on to become the world’s foremost Pan-Africanist; and in some eyes the greatest mass leader of the 20th century. He took his message of black pride to the United States during the height of the Harlem Renaissance. Garvey died in London in 1940. Even in death Marcus Garvey’s teachings and philosophy have impacted many a social and political movements around the world. He is widely seen as a forerunner to the civil rights movement in the United States and today’s current Black Lives Matter movement. His life story, directed by Roy T. Anderson titled “African Redemption: The Life and Legacy of Marcus Garvey, is narrated by multiple Emmy-Award winner Keith David.